Vroman’s Live

Bookstore boasts stellar lineup for March

By Arroyo Staff

The renowned bookstore Vroman’s is hosting more top-notch virtual programs throughout March.

The “Vroman’s Live” events are held virtually and in person. Register through vromansbookstore.com. Anyone with questions is asked to email email@vromansbookstore.com.

In-person events

Stephen White, Jonathan Spaulding and Suzanne Lummis: “A Country Called California”

7 p.m. Tuesday, March 1, on second level of Vroman’s; ticketed

“A Country Called California” traces the development of the Golden State from the 19th century on, through to its emergence as the fifth largest economy in the world — all as seen through the eyes of photographers Ansel Adams, Carleton Watkins, Dorothea Lange, Eadweard Muybridge, Will Connell, Edward Weston, Max Yavno, Mabel Watson and A.C. Vroman. Author Stephen White, a longtime photography gallerist and collector, curated the book.

Cara Black, in conversation with Naomi Hirahara, “Murder at the Porte de Versailles”

7 p.m. Thursday, March 3, on 

second level of Vroman’s, ticketed

For Aimee Leduc, November is bittersweet: the anniversary of her father’s death and her daughter’s third birthday fall on the same day. A gathering for family and friends is disrupted when a bomb goes off at the police laboratory — and Boris Viard, the partner of Aimee’s friend, Michou, is found unconscious at the crime scene with traces of explosives under his fingernails. Aimee doesn’t believe Boris set the bomb. To prove this, she battles the police and his own lab colleagues, collecting conflicting eyewitness reports.

Caroline Frost, in conversation with Ellie Eaton, “Shadows of Pecan Hollow”

7 p.m. Tuesday, March 8, on 

second level; ticketed

It was 1970 when 13-year-old runaway Kit Walker was abducted by Manny Romero, a smooth-talking, low-level criminal, who groomed her into his partner-in-crime. Before long, Kit and Manny were infamous for their string of gas station robberies through Texas. Fourteen years later, Kit has scraped together a life for herself and her daughter in the town of Pecan Hollow, far from Manny. But, when he shows up at her doorstep, a new man, fresh out of prison, Kit’s profound and twisted attachment to him compels her to let him in. Immediately, Kit is forced to reckon with the shadows of her past, and her community is sent into a tailspin.

Lizz Huerta, “The Lost Dreamer”

6 p.m. Monday, March 14, on second level; ticketed

Indir is a Dreamer, descended from a long line of seers; able to see beyond reality, she carries the rare gift of Dreaming truth. But when the beloved king dies, his son has no respect for this time-honored tradition. King Alcan wants an opportunity to bring the Dreamers to a permanent end — an opportunity Indir will give him if he discovers the two secrets she is struggling to keep. As violent change shakes Indir’s world, she is forced to make a choice: fight for her home or fight to survive. 

Reyna Grande, in conversation with Hector Tobar, “A Ballad of Love & Glory”

7 p.m. Tuesday, March 15, on

second level; ticketed

Ximena Salome is a gifted Mexican healer who dreams of building a family with the man she loves. But when Texas Rangers storm her ranch and kill her husband, she vows to honor his memory and defend her country by using her healing skills as an army nurse on the front lines of the war. Meanwhile, John Riley, an Irish immigrant in the Yankee Army desperate to help his family escape the famine, is sickened by the unjust war. 

Gigi Pandian and Naomi Hirahara, “Under Lock and Skeleton Key” and “An Eternal Lei”

7 p.m. Thursday, March 24; on second level; ticketed

“Under Lock and Skeleton Key”: After an accident derails Tempest Raj’s career and life, she returns to her childhood home in California. Every day brings her closer to the inevitable: working for her father’s company, the Secret Staircase Construction. When Tempest visits her dad’s latest renovation project, her former stage double is discovered dead in a wall. “An Eternal Lei”: Leilani Santiago finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation that endangers her family and friends after saving a mysterious woman wearing a lei from drowning in Waimea Bay. She must learn of this woman’s identity and connections to others on the island to save herself and those dearest to her. 

Jet Tila

“101 Thai Dishes You Need to Cook Before You Die”

7 p.m. Thursday, March 31; on second level; ticketed

In this collection of dishes, bestseller author Jet Tila opens the world of his Thai heritage for today’s home cooks with recipes that are authentic, accessible and ultra craveable. Jet partners up with Tad Weyland Fukumoto, longtime friend and fellow chef, to channel their years of Southeast Asian culinary prowess into mouthwatering recipes, such as street-style basil pork, glass noodle stir-fry, hung lay northern pork curry, new Thai barbecue chicken, fried tilapia with three-flavor sauce, and so heroes spanning the regions, this cookbook is a one-stop guide to the rich culinary traditions of Thailand. 

Virtual events

Jennifer E. Smith, in conversation with Lauren Graham, “The Unsinkable Greta James” 

6 p.m. Wednesday, March 2

Right after the death of her mother — her first and most devoted fan — and just before the launch of her high-stakes sophomore album, Greta James falls apart on stage. The footage quickly goes viral and she stops playing, her career suddenly in jeopardy. Her father, Conrad, predicted this. Months later, she accompanies Conrad on the Alaskan cruise her parents booked to celebrate their 40th anniversary. It’s the last chance to heal old wounds. 

Amanda Pellegrino, in conversation with Katy Colloton and Katie O’Brien, “Smile and Look Pretty”

6 p.m. Thursday, March 10

Best friends Cate, Lauren, Olivia and Max are overworked and underpaid assistants to some of the most powerful people in the entertainment industry. As they are passed over for promotions and the toxic office environments, the women secretly start an anonymous blog detailing their experiences. 

Lisa Barr, in conversation with Malina Saval, “Woman on Fire”

6 p.m. Friday, March 11

After talking her way into a job with Dan Mansfield, the leading investigative reporter in Chicago, rising young journalist Jules Roth, is given a secret assignment. Dan needs her to locate a painting stolen by the Nazis more than 75 years earlier. 

A Special Storytime with Avery Monsen 

“Chester Van Chime Who Forgot How to Rhyme” 

11 a.m. Saturday, March 9,

Chester van Chime woke up one day and forgot how to rhyme. Filled with wordplay and whimsically silly illustrations, this read-aloud tells the story of a boy who learns not to be stressed if he’s not at his peak performance.

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