Spiked Iced Coffee

Iced coffee is hot. The $5 billion coffee industry is one of the ways we love to cool down during the sizzling summer months. Coffee has long been a go-to beverage for the addition of alcohol; just think Irish coffee with and Mexican coffee with tequila.

But RumChata’s boozy creamer, “MiniChata’s” blend of cream, rum, cinnamon and vanilla has made this even easier. Given the coffee roasters like Jones Coffee Roaster and Jameson Brown, both based in Pasadena, and Regent in Glendale, you can get superior coffee over chain- stores spiked with a touch of creamy rum.

Leon Nie, who started Regent in 2015 then opened his café in Glendale in 2017, recommends using iced coffee from a dark roast bean as a base. “With cream liqueurs’ strong, creamy rich flavor and sweetness, a dark roast develops to be fully caramelized and lightly carbonized,” Nie says. “The coffee could be cold brew coffee prepared slowly, or freshly brewed hot coffee that is then iced. The reason behind the cold brew dark roast is its charming depth of chocolate notes and bittersweetness, without any acidity. It has a solid strength of body and lends itself to work in tandem with many cream liqueurs.”

You can purchase the 25-milliliter MiniChata’s in packs of 15, or pick up their 26-ounce plastic thermal tumbler that will hold your coffee and contains eight “MiniChatas.”


6 ounces iced coffee

1 25-ml RumChata MiniChata


Brew coffee, add MiniChata.