Sound Asleep

SAMINA brings mattresses from Austria

Health concerns are becoming more important when choosing a mattress.       

Austria’s SAMINA brand keeps that in mind when offering its healthy and comfortable sleeping systems around the world, including the store in Pasadena Village owned by the husband-and-wife team of Claus and Denise Pummer.

The company was founded 30 years ago by Gunther W. Amann-Jennson, a sleep psychologist in Austria. He noticed his patients having sleep disorders and issues, so he designed his own line of beds. Since then, he has sold to Bulletproof owner Dave Asprey and nutritionist and TV personality J.J. Virgin.

SAMINA sleeping systems are different than other beds. They come in breathable layers, including a slat frame, a wool topper, a grounding pad and a rubber mattress.

The layers have different functions, from providing climate control to reducing sweating to offering support for the spine. Denise says the open-air design is especially important to keeping the bed system dry.

“That’s the really big difference for SAMINA,” she says. “It is a really innovative, smart design. Each layer works independently to address a different need you have at night.

“There are a lot of things from the design perspective that make SAMINA an ideal sleep solution.”

Denise says they are lightweight, making them easier to move.

“I can set up a bed by myself, and I’m 5 feet tall. With even the three layers together, which create the essential part of the system, it is still half of what these current pillow-top, Tempur-Pedic mattresses are,” Denise says.

The slats are adjustable, which can be helpful for couples with different needs or sleeping habits. The systems are made with organic materials, meant to provide an allergy-free sleeping environment.

Denise says the sleep systems offer orthopedic support for those suffering from back and neck issues and other health problems. The sleep systems are offered in twin, queen, king and California king sizes and start at about $5,500.

Denise says the sleeping systems may cost more than some beds on the market, but the benefits are priceless.

“It’s not a luxury investment. It’s truly wellness investment, an investment in your health and your overall well-being,” Denise says. “How you feel from the moment that you wake up is a large determinant of the rest of your day.”

Claus was a supporter of SAMINA many years before he started selling the sleeping systems. Originally from Germany, Claus is a master cabinetmaker. As a result of that job, he suffered from back problems and purchased a SAMINA sleep system 20 years ago.

“He wanted a bed that would give him back relief and recovery. He was looking for a mattress that would support his back the best, and that’s how he initially discovered SAMINA,” Denise says.

With a background in human resources, Denise has embraced selling SAMINA sleep systems because it changed her life. Denise noticed a difference immediately, especially with morning allergies.

“My whole life I told people I was allergic to morning. I woke up, and I sneezed,” she says.

“I was like that for the first few hours of the day until about lunchtime, and then I was fine. It was a cycle that repeated itself. That was just my normal. I never once stopped to think maybe there was something wrong with my bed because this happens when I wake up. About two weeks after sleeping in SAMINA, I remember I was getting coffee in the morning in the kitchen, and I realized I hadn’t sneezed. My eyes weren’t watery, and I hadn’t blown my nose once.” 

Claus first sold SAMINA systems out of stores in Canada and Dallas. The Pummers moved their business to Pasadena in 2016. They chose SoCal because they found during trade shows, many of their clients were from the West Coast.

“When we came out here, the mecca of wellness ideas and devices, where people just value their health and fitness, we had much more in-depth conversations, and conversations where people have a basic understanding of what it takes to be healthy,” Denise says.

The Pummers not only sell SAMINA sleep grounding pads, inclined sleeping beds, orthopedic pillows and duvets. These items are also made of natural materials and designed to promote a healthier sleep.

Claus produces furniture such as solid, sustainable wood inclined bed frames, nightstands, dressers, benches and headboards. Their customers come from different backgrounds, but many of them are focused on their health. Many physicians also refer patients to SAMINA.

“The bad news is once you become a SAMINA sleeper, you will be spoiled, and you may find it challenging to sleep anywhere else but home in your own SAMINA bed,” Denise says.

Denise and Claus are certified holistic sleep coaches, offering education to their clients. They have extensive research on sleep health and often offer advice on best practices for sleeping, including removing electronic devices from bedrooms.

“We talk about the bedroom and what they can do to make it a true sanctuary for their sleep,” Denise says.

“When you think about the word ‘sanctuary,’ it’s a safe place where you can be completely uninhibited, relaxed and naked in your own bed and have deep, restful, restorative sleep.”