Shots Box

The craft cocktail renaissance is, undeniably, sweeping the nation. Cocktails with historic pedigrees are fashionable again. But not everyone has the time nor the inclination to visit bar after bar to find the best cocktail. And most of us are not proficient bartenders at home. With Shots Box, that has changed.

Shots Box is a SoCal–based subscription service that delivers 10 different spirits (by the shot, typically 1.5 ounces) to your door so you can experiment at home. The real expense of cocktails is always the liquor. Here, the liquor and recipe cards are brought to you, and all you need do is get the remaining ingredients to make 10 wildly different cocktails. “I launched Shots Box because of my passion for home-brewing and craft spirits. I’m driven by success and the luxury of simplicity,” says founder J.C. Stock, who bills Shots Box as “the only craft sampling club in the world.”

The cost is $39.99 a month, which comes out to $4 per cocktail. All spirits range from mid-shelf to top-shelf; the box I received contained a wide variety, including Death’s Door Gin from Wisconsin, Montana Honey Moonshine and Adelaide’s Dreamsicle Coconut Liqueur from Nebraska. The recipes are not complex, most using just four ingredients. The shipment also includes information about where the spirit was distilled, tasting notes and info about the distillery via a QR code on each card. You can also purchase full-size bottles directly from when you find the cocktail you love. Through this simple service, the luxury of home-cocktail connoisseurship becomes a snap.