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Post Alarm continues reputation for safety with Night Shield

By Christina Fuoco-Karasinski

Family-owned Post Alarm has a reputation for being innovative. With Night Shield, co-owners Robert Post and his sister, Gina Post-Franco, are taking it a step further. 

Night Shield is a relatively new product unlike any others in the market. With 360-degree protection, smart security cameras send alerts directly to the monitoring center when suspicious activity is detected. Patrol is dispatched and crime deterred. The team adheres to the company’s mantra of detect, respond and deter.

“Alerts are great when you’re awake, but at night, you don’t see it,” Post says. 

“With Night Shield, when the alarm system is armed, we monitor between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. If a person comes on your property, our central monitoring station and patrol officers see that video and dispatch patrol.”

Post himself has witnessed the efficiency of the product. Before the pandemic, Post Alarm woke Post to tell him patrol was en route and there was someone in his driveway. 

“I got a call on the landline at my house saying, ‘This is Post Alarm. Patrol is on the way,’” Post says. 

“There were people in the front yard. They caught three of four guys who were breaking into cars and mailboxes around the neighborhood.”

The passion for protection runs in the family’s veins. Post Alarm was founded by Post’s grandfather, Sam, in 1956 as a patrol company. In the 1970s, Post and Post-Franco’s father, Bill, built up the alarm side of the business — commercial and residential. 

“My grandpa was a chief of police in Colorado. He came out here to take a chief job, but when he got here, the job was taken,” Post says. “At the time, there was a big need for patrol companies with integrity and someone who did it right.”

Post, who took over the business with his sister eight years ago, plans on keeping Post Alarm in the family. Post Alarm could be called a one-stop shop for protection. 

“We are a full-service company,” Post says. “We do everything in-house — installation and service. We really do care about our customers and protecting them. We are one of the most innovative companies.”

The company offers month-to-month contracts in lieu of multiyear agreements required by other organizations. Service is provided from Ventura County south to just north of San Diego County.

Post Alarm boasts a UL five-diamond central station. UL means it can monitor banks and jewelry stores, for example. Post Alarm is one of only a handful in the nation. The five-diamond status reflects its stellar customer service. 

“We are proud of our service,” Post says. “Night Shield offers this additional layer of comfort and protection overnight,” he says. “Before they get to your house or try to break in, somebody’s watching out for you. It’s a cool, whole new layer of protection.”

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