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Travellers Autobarn camper van rentals offer budget-friendly getaways with unlimited mileage

By Haley Beyer
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During his travels, Peter Burke saw plenty of backpackers who benefited from a camper van. 

Inspired, he founded Travellers Autobarn, which rents camper vans with unlimited mileage. 

The company launched two years ago in the United States but was established in Australia and New Zealand in 1993 and 2016, respectively. 

Through the creation of Travellers Autobarn, Burke learned the true meaning of “It’s not work when you’re having fun.”

“My favorite part about the camper vans is the freedom they provide,” Burke said. 

“Some of the best stories include the most unexpected things because they weren’t planned. I want people to detour. Take turns off your route. COVID-19 taught us that we need to look for true freedom again. A road trip is one of the last true forms of adventure in my opinion.” 

Travellers Autobarn’s most popular camper van model is the Kuga, which sleeps up to three people comfortably and has a kitchen space with a microwave, fridge, sink and gas stove — all powered by solar panels, decreasing the need to stay at a powered campsite to recharge batteries for the fridge and lights.

The camper vans also include an extra preparation pack in the winter to help keep campers warm, including space heaters, an extra battery pack and hot pads. 

Camper vans are a better option compared to regular RVs, fifth-wheel campers, tents and motel/hotel stays because of how practical and simple they are. 

“These camper vans are our own design, and they were built for the renter rather than for luxury or style,” Burke said. “If something’s not needed, it’s not in the van.” 

Other rental options include the HiTop camper van, which fits two to three people and has functional cooking and storage areas, as well as the minivan, which suits up to five people and can be used as a cheap car rental solution while camping. Travelers also have the option to rent a living equipment pack for $45. It includes a tent, camping chairs, table, gas cooker and cooking equipment.

Prices vary depending on the trip, but the per-day cost goes down the longer the vehicle is rented. 

The average cost for a 10-day trip is approximately $89 per day, and there is a minimum rental requirement of four days. 

Customers tend to rent the vehicles for five days, but one paid for eight months. 

“The longer you go, the cheaper it gets,” Burke said. 

Adding to its convenience, Travellers Autobarn’s camper vans do not need to be returned to the rental location.  

There are pickup/drop-off locations in San Francisco; Seattle; Denver; Las Vegas; and Los Angeles, right by LAX.

Burke recommended several popular travel spots that are just a few hours’ drive from LA, including Idyllwild, Lake Arrowhead, Oak Glen, Joshua Tree, Palm Springs and Big Sur.

Travellers Autobarn also provides itineraries on its website for those without a specific location in mind. 

Renters must be 21 or older, and provide a driver’s license and credit card for security purposes. Booking can be done online via Travellers Autobarn’s website.

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