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Internationally acclaimed chef Tony He celebrates grand reopening in Pasadena
By Kamala Kirk
Chef Tony Dim Sum/Submitted photos

Within a month of opening his first U.S. Chef Tony location in February 2020, Tony He was forced to close his doors due the pandemic. Two years later, the internationally acclaimed Cantonese chef, who also opened Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant in Rosemead in 2003, is excited to welcome guests back and celebrated with a grand reopening on June 25.

Chef Tony Dim Sum is a modern dim sum concept in the heart of Old Town Pasadena. The stunning 1,260-square-foot restaurant, which is located in the historic Bear Building on Colorado Boulevard, features historic art deco walls, red accented booths and chairs, original chandeliers in the main dining room, and a separate cocktail bar.

“Pasadena is our first Chef Tony location in the U.S.,” He says. “It is one of the most famous locations, and there has never been a restaurant like it in Pasadena before. We have a pioneering spirit, and we believe it will bring a completely different dining experience to Pasadena and the surrounding areas. We were confident it would be a success here, so Pasadena became our first choice.”

The menu at Chef Tony Dim Sum has 12 different sections, including starters, dim sum steamed, dim sum rice noodle roll, dim sum baked and fried, seafood, meat, soup, congee, noodle, rice, vegetable, and dessert. Every dish is made to order and fresh out of the kitchen.

“Innovative ideas, premium ingredients and strict quality control are our specialty, and this differentiates us from traditional dim sum restaurants,” He says. 

Among the menu highlights are dishes such as savory deep fried Chinese doughnuts, squid ink shrimp dumplings with gold leaf, shrimp and pork dumplings with black truffle, shrimp wonton with house spicy sauce, roast duck and minced duck lettuce wrap prepared two ways, and pan-fried taro cake.

Other signature items include roast crispy chicken with black truffle, black truffle chicken with cilantro and onion; BBQ pork, stewed chicken soup with matsutake mushroom; steamed lave salted egg yolk pub with gold foil; and coconut pudding shaped like bunnies.

Aiming to elevate traditional dim sum, Chef Tony Dim Sum’s dishes are a reflection of Guangdong Cantonese cuisine layered with refined touches and high-quality ingredients. There are no rolling carts in the restaurant, and the dishes include ingredients such as freshly shaved black truffles and gold leaf touches.

“The variety of hand-made dim sum are prepared by experienced dim sum chefs and dishes are stir-fried by experienced Cantonese chefs,” He adds. “The goal for our Pasadena location is to create a memorable dining experience, serving modern dim sum to a new generation of diners. Guests are welcome to sit solo at the bar, order a cocktail and try a special dim sum platter or celebrate with a group of friends or family in our private dining room downstairs.”

The cocktail bar also highlights Chinese spirits such as Baijiu with brands like Wuliangye and Chu Yeh Ching Chieu, Tsingtao Beer and a selection of wines.

“We will always keep the spirit of innovation, and we will continue to introduce new innovative dishes that showcase the quality, flavor and the healthy concept of dim sum,” He says. “We also welcome each of our guests to taste and give us their valuable suggestions. I wish to bring to America the art of making and savoring Chinese dim sum, and I hope my staff, ambiance and food will touch yours.” 

Chef Tony Dim Sum

2 W Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena


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