Lemonade launches new menu at all 21 locations

By Kamala Kirk

Lemonade recently launched a new menu that includes craveable warm flavors of fall and winter with natural, fresh ingredients. The renewed menu features an updated build-your-own protein plate, two new chef’s bowls, two new hot sides and a new vegan handcrafted sandwich.

“We are launching several seasonal menu items that are in line with our mission to serve colorful, seasonal, California-inspired food,” says chef Nate Weir, Modern Restaurant Concepts VP of culinary. “This is one of our most significant seasonal menu launches to date.”

Lemonade is a California-based modern cafeteria that serves colorful, seasonal and healthy fare. It offers beautifully prepared salads, signature grain bowls, hearty braised proteins, flavor-packed sandwiches and trademark handcrafted lemonades.

The new menu items include a sustainable salmon bowl; Comfort Bowl; rosemary sweet potato hash; roasted veggies; golden cauliflower sandwich; and a Brussels sprouts, dates and Parmesan marketplace side. It has also added a new raspberry mint lemonade, and the build-your-own protein plate features seven new proteins and six new sauces to pick from for a fully customizable guest experience.

“Customers will enjoy the flexibility and customization of the build-your-own protein plate because up until now, a protein came with a specific sauce and our guests couldn’t make any changes,” Weir says. “There are seven proteins and six sauces, so there are a lot of different options that our guests can choose from to make a plate. You could come to Lemonade every day during the week with a different flavor profile you are looking for and get exactly what you want.”

The new items are available at all 21 of Lemonade’s locations, including Venice and Santa Monica. Seasonal items such as the raspberry mint lemonade and Brussels sprouts marketplace side are available until March. All other items are available until further notice.

“We’re engineering the menu to make the experience even better for our guests,” adds Josh Chesterson, Modern Restaurant Concepts culinary creative director. “Offering choices empowers our guests and, we hope, will move them to choose us with even more frequency.”

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