Langham Huntington, Pasadena’s program
enhances guests’ wellness

By Kamala Kirk

The Langham Huntington, Pasadena is among the properties from Langham Hospitality Group that is helping guests get up on the right side of the bed with Sleep Matters by Chuan, a comprehensive global sleep wellness program developed in conjunction with the World Sleep Society, whose mission is dedicated to advancing sleep health worldwide with medical and scientific expertise.

“Langham Hospitality Group understands that sleep plays a vital role in a memorable hotel stay,” says Leslie Marks, e-commerce manager at The Langham Huntington, Pasadena. “In conjunction with the World Sleep Society and aligning perfectly with the Chuan Spa wellness brand’s connection to restorative practices, Sleep Matters was devoted to not only help guests improve their sleep quality and thus better enjoy their overall stay, but also to share some tips they can take home with them to continue their journey to better rest.”

Sleep plays a vital role in one’s well-being and quality of life, as well as physical performance and mental health. Numerous factors affect sleep, including travel and hotel stays. By improving the quality of guests’ sleep during their visit, Langham Hospitality Group is helping travelers create more memorable experiences which allows for greater enjoyment of their vacation and higher productivity on a business trip.

“Lack of sleep affects everything from physical energy to productivity and even general happiness,” Marks says. “Think about how much a poor night’s sleep affects your mood the next day. Giving the body time to fully rest and optimally recover from the day can help you achieve better quality of life in almost every aspect you can think of.”

Good sleep is the connective element between a hotel and its guests, and each of Langham Hospitality Group’s hotels around the world is offering their own packages and local elements as part of Sleep Matters by Chuan. Exclusive elements include a magazine curated by the World Sleep Society, as well as offerings based around wellness rituals from Langham Hospitality Group’s global wellness brand, Chuan Spa.

“Any change in routine has the potential to disrupt our natural rhythms, but especially travel because you’re in a new, unfamiliar place, and sometimes in a different time zone,” Marks says. “The elements of Sleep Matters aim to alleviate this by helping to calm the body and mind effectively and fully, optimally preparing you for a restful night and allowing the body to replenish itself as you sleep.”

At each hotel, guests will have access to a broad selection of offerings to help them get the best sleep possible, including a Sleep Matters Turndown Kit that features items such as herbal tea, branded ear plugs, a cushioned sleep mask and Sleep Tips Cards from World Sleep Society. The Langham Hotels in the United States will also offer SOM, an all-natural, drug-free sleep aid beverage that is available in regular and sugar-free options.

Guests also have access to a Sleep Matters Menu, which allows them to order a selection of wellness-related items during their stay, including a yoga mat and fitness ball for pre-sleep stretching; a selection of pillow options and white noise sleep machines; and, in select locations, Chuan elemental oils and lavender bath products for a pre-bedtime soak.

Other offerings include a Spotify playlist with specially curated tracks from around the world designed to help guests relax as they get ready for sleep and bedtime reading in the form of a Sleep Matters brochure and a special edition of the World Sleep Society Healthier Sleep Magazine, which can be accessed from every guest room via a QR code. It enables guests to explore The Langham Hotels & Resorts and Cordis Hotels & Resorts Sleep Matters website, including Chuan Spa’s proprietary Five Elements questionnaire and tips for restful breathing exercises. The magazine was specially curated for The Langham and focuses on guest travel, covering a range of topics such as developing healthy habits for healthy sleep, circadian rhythms, improving children’s sleep, recovery from jetlag and mindfulness, among other useful sleep wellness topics.

The Sleep Matters program at The Langham Huntington, Pasadena includes luxurious accommodations in the room type of one’s choice, two 60-minute Signature Chuan Harmony Massages with Aromatherapy Enhancement, two packets of aromatherapy bath salts for in-room use, two eye masks, two sets of ear plugs, and two SOM Sleep beverages.

“Almost every guest I’ve spoken to highlights the Chuan Spa elements of the package as the key, while the other package amenities support and further the calmness that the spa services have begun,” Marks says. “A Chuan Harmony Massage, followed by a warm aromatherapy bath back in your guestroom while sipping on the SOM drink, has truly become an effective journey for our guests, and they without fail have rave reviews upon checkout.”

Marks adds that The Langham Huntington, Pasadena also offers a few complimentary wellness add-ons that can be requested in room, such as a yoga mat and ball, fitness kit or a white noise machine, and some extras for purchase including a sleep mask and kettle with a selection of herbal teas. Rates start at $900 per night plus tax, based on double occupancy.

“Sleep Matters is available year-round. We do recommend booking in advance so we can ensure the spa services are also booked and confirmed ahead of time,” Marks says. “However, based on availability, we could accommodate an upgrade to the package upon check-in if a guest inquired. I would definitely encourage anyone who is curious about the program to visit our website to learn more about the package and Chuan Spa as a brand. There are so many different ways you can curate your own wellness experience to have a truly unique and memorable getaway.”

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