Autumn Splendor

Give your home a seasonal refresh for fall with these expert décor tips

By Kamala Kirk

As the weather cools down and we transition into autumn, updating your décor to match the seasonal changes is the perfect way to welcome the arrival of fall. From trending colors to festive foliage, there are a variety of things you can do to make your home feel fall ready for entertaining guests and hosting holiday get-togethers.

“Will I miss the adventures of summer? Absolutely,” says Amy Peltier of Amy Peltier Interior Design & Home in San Marino. “But with the change of seasons comes the reminder of family gatherings and festive celebrations that I now get to look forward to. To me there’s something in the air when fall hits — the air becomes crisper and cooler, and we begin to crave warm and welcome atmospheres.”

Instead of turning on all the overhead lights, Peltier suggest turning on a lamp to create a cozier atmosphere. Another one of her favorite and easy ways to refresh a space is by swapping out lightweight blankets to warmer, chunky and textured ones.

“Throw pillows are a designer’s secret to a great room,” Peltier adds. “My absolute favorite way to give one’s home a seasonal makeover is to swap out your pillow covers. In fact, we have launched Pillow Addict, an e-commerce subscription service based on exactly this concept — allowing you to update your home with the seasons.”

With Peltier’s Pillow Addict service, you can change your pillow covers every three months, with new collections featuring updates styles and designs launching every season. From different pillow styles and shapes to fabrics and colors, members can enjoy the freedom to change up and decorate their space four times a year.

When it comes to trending colors for autumn, Peltier shares that Sherman Williams just launch the 2023 color of the year: Redend Point.

“This is a warm blushing beige that’s fresh enough for the summer season, but warm and cozy enough for the fall,” Peltier says. “Pair it with eggplants, terracotta, chocolate browns and creamy whites to create a rich palette. You can incorporate this color palette with accessories, pillows and throws to help transition your home into the new season.”

Another way to capture the spirit of autumn and bring the natural elements inside is by decorating with an assortment of fall foliage. 

“Of course, mums are a classic fall option and come in so many beautiful colors,” Peltier says. “They are my go-to flower for decorating outside of the house. But inside, I prefer to style with leafy foliage, branches with berries or leaves, or any type of greenery.”

While many associate wreaths with Christmas, fall wreaths are also very popular and are another great way to warm up your home and welcome guests. 

“I believe wreaths are so popular during the holiday season because of tradition,” Peltier says. “It taps into nostalgia and memories, which are important, especially these days. I love to display wreaths all throughout my home during the holidays. Some of the many places include the front door, exterior windows, the range hood above the stove, mirrors, back of chairs (especially when entertaining), or laid down and used as a centerpiece with a large candle in the middle.”

Incorporating fall fragrances into your home is the ultimate treat for the senses and further contributes to a cozy and warm atmosphere.

“Design not only taps into what you see and feel, but what you smell,” Peltier points out. “Changing over your candles and diffusers for fall scenes elevates your space and gives an overall more cozy feel. My personal favorite fall fragrances are warm vanilla, apple cider, sandalwood or spicy cinnamon.”

While changing up your home is a fun way to celebrate the fall season, Peltier advises against doing a complete overhaul by updating every single detail. 

“Seasons change, but your home shouldn’t have to completely transform with it,” Peltier adds. “Little touches here and there can go a long way.”

Fall Festive

Bryan Gold of Aldik Home, which provides home décor enthusiasts with high-quality silk flowers, floral arrangements, custom artificial trees and holiday décor, shares several tips and tricks for decorating your home during fall and Halloween.

• If you like to do a big display, or a few intricate displays, using floral or twig stems can really add the right amount of drama. Whether it’s an abundance of fall foliage to give your fall display the pops of color it needs or some black twiggy stems to make your Halloween display the right note of spooky, it’s amazing what a few well-placed stems will do to a display.

• Since we’re in Southern California, you’re not limited to the same palette (think orange, brown and burlap) as the rest of the country. Feel free to incorporate some fresher-looking elements to give your display a fresh California vibe. Even something as summer seeming as succulents can work with some dried elements to give your display a bespoke LA theme.

• We even see some people bypass fall altogether or purchase elements that work through both holidays. With thousands of Christmas ornaments on display starting October 1, we have some customers that make a more fall-toned Christmas setup. Think chocolate-hued, burnt orange and deep green ornaments to make your home feel like a winter wonderland even at the beginning of fall. 

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