Authenticity is Key

Pacific Clinics unlocks the potential of all
By Christina Fuoco-Karasinski
Pacific Clinics/Submitted photo

“Authentic” and “acceptance” are two words that are often used in tandem with Pacific Clinics.

California’s largest community-based nonprofit provider of behavioral and mental health services, Pacific Clinics unlocks the full potential of individuals and families through culturally responsive, trauma-informed, research-based services.

Its programs were strengthened when the agency merged with Uplift Family Services earlier this spring. 

“Our local roots are in Pasadena, when we first opened our doors as Pasadena Child Guidance over 95 years ago” says Myeisha Gamino, Pacific Clinics’ chief communications officer. 

“Through the merger, we can innovate and utilize amazing technology that allows us to really understand behavioral patterns. That’s the nice thing about coming together. We’re able to bring our systems together and map out what the community needs and to best help the people we serve.” 

Pacific Clinics offers a full range of mental and behavioral health services, foster care and social services, housing, continuing adult education and early childhood education programs to primarily Medi-Cal eligible individuals and families.

The staff is entrenched in the community, providing culturally and linguistically relevant services in over 22 languages across California. 

“A really nice part of the merger gave us the opportunity to serve more people of all ages,” she says. 

Serving newborns through the elderly, Pacific Clinics’ staff shares its successes through YouTube and other media to show others that healing does happen. 

“Through our consumer quality assurance boards, some of our clients have given back,” she says. “Some have found recovery and now helping others by sharing their stories and helping us to create welcoming and engaging sites for people of all ages.”

Along with delivering a comprehensive range of services, Pacific Clinics has long been a strong voice for behavioral health care providers and clients statewide. Since 2020, Pacific Clinics and Uplift Family Services have partnered to jointly operate one of the state’s first certified community behavioral health clinics, a national model for integrated behavioral and physical health care.

“I love working with Pacific Clinics,” she says. “To be able to get up and make a positive difference every day is just amazing. We have such a great team who’s dedicated to the community, and we continue to serve our local community in Pasadena – just as we have for nearly a century.”

Pacific Clinics

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