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Noblessa treats clients like friends
By Christina Fuoco-Karasinski
Chris Mortenson/Staff Photographer

“Clients” do not exist in the world of Noblessa Kitchens. 

Instead, the German-based company prefers the term “friends,” according to Andrea Rossetto, Noblessa’s North American director.

“After the installation, we still go to their homes and we really become friends,” he says. 

“We have a beautiful gifting program and create a story with the client. We take before and after photos and talk about their lifestyle and the reason why they chose Noblessa. We cook together and have a glass of wine together. It’s a fun, interesting experience, rather than a financial transaction.”

The kindness of Noblessa’s staff goes hand in hand with the elegant designs. Founded in 1996, Noblessa is the largest cabinet manufacturer in Europe. The name “Noblessa Kitchens” is a bit of a misnomer, as the company manufactures cabinets for every room of the house.

Noblessa builds every component for its products at three — soon to be four — factories in Germany. 

“The sheer scale of the operation allows us to create a very premium quality product but at a      very competitive pricing structure,” he says.

“Noblessa is one of many brands they have. It’s the high-end — the most high-end brand — we produce.”

All about design

Rossetto’s background is in fashion, focusing on bringing European brands to the United States. 

“I’ve done that all my career with many Italian and European brands,” he says. “In early 2020, when we all had this issue with the pandemic, I looked at the market and saw there was a strong trend into home improvement. 

“Since I’m also into design in general — design and architecture — I did a little research. I felt this could be a great opportunity to bring such an interesting concept to the United States.”

Rossetto has helped land showrooms in Pasadena, Santa Barbara and Tempe, Arizona. Up next are Culver City; Newport Beach; and Mesa and Scottsdale, Arizona. The Pasadena location serves as the U.S. headquarters, too. 

“It’s an example of how a showroom should be built,” he says about the Pasadena location.

“We invite our potential licensees to see how this operation is being developed. It’s a showroom open to the public and it’s been very successful, especially the last six months.”

Rossetto is very proud of Noblessa’s quality and design. The high-tech, modern look wins over customers. 

“We definitely have a contemporary modern approach, as all of our cabinets are frameless,” he says. “Although we do offer classics like the shaker doors. Most of our clients are looking for the modern, frameless lacquered look.”

Customers, he says, understand that Noblessa is about more than striking products. It’s an investment. 

“We offer an incredible value for that,” he says. “The word of mouth is becoming our strongest marketing tool.”

The dividends pay off for Noblessa’s “friends.” Frequently, after the installation, clients take it a step further and allow the company to renovate another room in the home.  

“The level of satisfaction with their first project allows us to engage the customer about more rooms in the home,” he says. 

“They can extend to the laundry room to the high-end living room presentation to media room and kitchen. We can adjust the budget for every room of the home. 

“The consumer has only one point of reference, one designer who understands their style and needs, address and ease the whole process.”

The projects come down to relationships.

“They come by to say hi after the installation is finished,” he says. 

“They come to the showroom, have a little cappuccino or a macchiato. We have a great relationship. That’s what builds the reputation of our brand. We believe in that.”

Noblessa Pasadena

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