A Family Affair

Fedde Furniture celebrates nearly nine decades in the city

Mark Fedde doesn’t obsess over trendy items at his Pasadena mainstay, Fedde Furniture.       

Instead, since 1937, Fedde’s family has focused on selling timeless, quality home furnishings at exceptional values.

“We typically don’t buy on a trend,” he says. “By that, I mean some trends come and go very quickly. We’re blessed to be in the city of Pasadena with its architecture.

“We have customers throughout Southern California who have craftsman homes and historical designs that are in some ways from the Midwest. A lot of the architects came from Chicago. We try to reflect the architecture of the area in our furniture.”

Fedde Furniture was founded in East Pasadena in 1937 by Fedde’s grandparents, Arnold and Ellen Fedde.

“My father, Don Fedde, took it over officially when his father passed in 1963,” Fedde says. “I entered the business around 1985 and I have a sister named Melinda (Fedde Kenney), who is also in the business, like my father.”

In 2000, Fedde Furniture opened a second showroom across the street on Sierra Madre Boulevard. Both are 20,000 square feet.

“People always ask us how the two stores are different,” Fedde says. “In fact, they’re quite different. There are different manufacturers in each showroom.

“In our original location, we’re landlocked, so we could not expand the building and the showroom. We came across a good opportunity on Sierra Madre Boulevard and expanded and it built it out to the showroom it is today.”

Right now, the shop is closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. When it reopens, he urges customers to stop by.

“So many stores come and go for so many reasons,” he says. “We know when you’re buying a nicer product, you need to see the fabrics. Never pick a fabric on a computer screen or catalog, because in print there are color variations. That’s why we have such large showrooms.”

Fedde and his staff have a keen eye for quality products like Sherill, Stickley, Century, Canadel Custom Dining and Tommy Bahama.

“Over all the years, we’ve slowly inched our way up to better-quality products,” he says.

“Manufacturers approach us on wild stuff. However, it doesn’t make sense for us to sell it. We look very, very closely at the products and make sure our customers are getting their money’s worth. We want to sell something that’s going to last and something you can enjoy for many, many years.”

Fedde Furniture has the largest display of Stickley furniture on the West Coast.

“That’s because of the wonderful customers we have who appreciate the quality and the design. We also carry Simply Amish, an Amish company whose quality and designs are so unique that we have a following just for that.

“We carry all kinds of styles.”

The Fedde promise

Customers who are unsure of what to purchase can take advantage of Fedde’s complimentary interior design service. The team’s goal is to educate customers on what to look for in a quality piece of furniture.

When the choices are made, Fedde offers full-service delivery by an in-house team. The trained staff inspects each piece when it arrives to the store, again before the order is loaded on its own trucks and again before the team brings the new furniture into a customer’s home.

Once the new furniture is in the home, the staff will level each cabinet and make sure each item is properly set up. Because Fedde uses its own delivery staff and trucks, the team can provide free local delivery and take care of delivery challenges.

“Our staff knows our furniture inside and out,” Fedde says. “I am confident our customers will be happy.”