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  • Sweet Treats

    Sweet Treats

    Valerie Confections opens new location in Glendale By Morgan Owen At Valerie Confections’ new Glendale location, hundreds of tiny chocolates, toffees and truffles are perfectly arranged waiting to be sampled by customers. Jams and ready-packaged holiday confections sit atop recycled walnut shelves to be chosen as a perfect gift.  In the back, employees are hard … Continue reading “Sweet Treats”

  • Clearing Up the Confusion

    Clearing Up the Confusion

    Will the real golden chia please stand up? By Christopher Nyerges The use of chia seeds in the diet has grown in popularity in the last few decades. It’s a nutritious seed that can be added to coffee, drinks, puddings, desserts and lots of other foods. Inez Ainge wrote in an article, “Native Chia” (1967), … Continue reading “Clearing Up the Confusion”

  • Following a Vision

    Following a Vision

    Marina Pasadena gathers the community to honor Italian cuisine By Kateri Wozny Owners Nader Kaiser and Gustavo Landgrebe had a vision when opening their Italian restaurant, Marina Pasadena, in September: to create a neighborhood gathering place where customers can enjoy good wine and flavorful food. “It’s not just the simplicity of ingredients but the quality … Continue reading “Following a Vision”