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  • Kitchen Confessions – Death Metal

    Kitchen Confessions – Death Metal

    Even when times are tough, love (and food) will find a way.   If there is one thing I love more than cooking, it’s music. And I don’t discriminate. I like it all. In fact, I have been known to pick up an instrument or two myself. (Practicing was never my thing, though, which explains … Continue reading “Kitchen Confessions – Death Metal”

  • NASA's Hotwire to Hollywood

    NASA's Hotwire to Hollywood

    Publicist Warren Betts says science truth is stranger (and better) than science fiction.   Arroyoland has kept itself gloriously free of Hollywood hijinks involving papparazzi who swarm the streets for a glimpse of A-list stars and maitre d’s who dole out tables according to the diner’s box office ranking. Yet right here, on Fair Oaks … Continue reading “NASA's Hotwire to Hollywood”

  • Color Master

    Color Master

    Event designer Billy Butchkavitz creates extraordinary environments for HBO’s biggest celebrations.   Bold. Vibrant. Exotic. The lavish, elegant and over-the-top creations that event designer Billy Butchkavitz creates for HBO’s annual Emmy Awards and Golden Globes celebrations are legendary in Hollywood, making them the hottest party tickets in town. His rich and opulent style — often … Continue reading “Color Master”